About You

If you're like most Business Success clients, any or all of the following describe you

  • You went into business to create a better life for you and your family
  • You wanted to work for yourself and do something you're passionate about
  • You loved the idea of freedom that came with being your own boss
  • If you told people how many hours you work in a week they probably wouldn't believe you
  • You know you should be building an asset, but all of your time is spent keeping it all going
  • You have a good thing going, but you need to free up some time to work ON the business rather than IN it
  • You're ready to take an honest hard look at the big picture and get clear on where your business is going
  • You're ready to create more accountability in your business
  • You're ready to create a better lifestyle for you and your family

"To live through an impossible situation, you don't need to have the reflexes of a Grand Prix driver, the muscles of a Hercules, the mind of an Einstein. You simply need to know what to do." - Anthony Greenback

About Me

Having grown up on my family's farm in Eastern, North Carolina, I've been involved with business my whole life. In fact, business will always be synonymous with home and family to me. My Dad did business at the kitchen table, and our suppliers (like James the "Moorman Man") were also friends who came in the house for a cold drink and a visit with the family.  My Dad worked hard all the time, and my Mom and siblings and I pitched in whenever and wherever we were needed. I didn't call it business back then, it was just... life.

I guess it's because of that influence that I may not be like every business consultant you know. I won't show up in a dark suit or a flashy car. I've been known to wear my running shoes. I don't want to impress you with imported leather, I want to impress you with my ninja technical analysis skills. I don't work with a lot of clients, because as a Business Success Partner I understand the time and brainpower it takes to give you and your business the attention it needs. I understand what your business is to you and all that you have riding on it.  

I don't come from an expensive MBA program, either. I've worked since I was sixteen and worked right through college. My undergraduate is from Duke, and just getting into a school like that was a major accomplishment for me, let alone getting through it. I did, with lots of coffee. Since then I have worked in everything from Finance to Retail to Management for organizations very large and very small. And I'm probably one of the few women you will meet who has had her contractor's license and owned a construction business.

I have seven years in education, which combined with my business dna comes in handy often as a consultant. In order to prepare to run my own consulting business, I taught full time while studying Business Analysis, earning a Business Analytics Specialization from Duke's online program and acing some of the most difficult courses I have ever taken .

In short, I understand hard work.

My consulting roles have lately included the provision of business process improvement recommendations for a research crowd-sourcing enterprise, and financial modeling to increase real estate management profits in the explosive short-term rental market. Today I'm carrying on the family tradition and it's not unusual for my two boys to see me doing business at the kitchen table. Of course it's not business to them either, it's just life!  

Libby Dickerson

Business Success Partner