Your Business is supposed to provide the freedom and lifestyle you want.

At Manifest Consulting we work long term with business owners to improve the profit, growth, and value of your business. We pride ourselves on No BS, All Balance Sheet analysis that will produce practical improvements with measurable results.

If you like consultants in five thousand dollar suits and flashy watches, you won't like us.  We don't think we need to spend thousands of dollars on our wardrobe to recapture tens of thousands of dollars in profit leakage for you.  

We specialize in Small to Medium Enterprises primarily in the Southwest, Virginia, and Piedmont, North Carolina areas. We only take on a perfectly matched few clients at a time for the long term and work on your business on a daily basis for real improvements in business valuation. While businesses from all industries stand to benefit from our razor sharp analysis, diagnostics, and highly detailed action plans, a Business Diagnostic is the best place to start to determine your real needs.

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